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Journal of ROL Sports Sciences, which started its publication life in 2020, is a refereed , scientific and electronic journal, in which original research articles and review articles aiming to contribute to the field of Sports Sciences are published. The journal is published four times a year (March, June, September, December) except for special issues. As of March 2023, the Ethics Committee Reports for the Articles should be posted to the system because our journal is undergoing index monitoring by ULAKBIM TR.

In line with its aims, in the publication focus of the Journal of ROL Sports Sciences;

There are studies that deal with the subjects in all fields within the scope of the Basic Field of Sport Sciences.


Candidate articles submitted for publication in the journal can be written in Turkish and English. The articles submitted to the journal must not have been previously published in another journal or sent to another journal for publication. The articles to be sent will be sent to the web address (www.roljournal.com) in accordance with the journal writing format and will start the publication process.

Journal of ROL Sport Sciences uses the double-blind method in the evaluation process of all studies. In the double-blind method, the identities of the authors and referees of the studies are hidden. In order for an article to be published in the journal, a positive report must be given by at least two referees.

Studies accepted as a result of evaluation in Journal of ROL Sport Sciences are respectively; It goes through the processes of plagiarism checking, bibliography editing, sending and citation checking, layout and typesetting, giving the DOI number and opening it for early viewing.

The authors are deemed to have accepted the transfer of the publication rights of the articles accepted for publication to the Journal of ROL Sport Sciences.

Journal of ROL Sport Sciences provides instant open access to the content of scientific research.

Journal of ROL Sports Sciences requires that every study that has passed the "Blind Referee Evaluation Process" be checked for plagiarism in order to preserve its integrity, in accordance with its publication ethics.


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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2023): Journal of ROL Sport Sciences
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Published: 03/20/2023

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