The relationship of trust in the sports club and fixing; a research on kocaelispor club

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Fans, match fixing, sports club, trust


In this study, the opinions of Kocaelispor fans about the club trust and match-fixing phenomenon were examined. In the research, a quantitative method was used in the relational screening model. The research population is Kocaelispor fans. The sample consisted of 410 people  randomly selected from among the fans. In order to collect the research data, the "Confidence Scale for Sports Clubs" developed by Açak and Karademir (2019) and the "Match Fixing Scale" prepared by Mrs. Sayın Temur (2015) were used. Statistically, pearson correlation analysis and regression analyzes were used. According to the findings of the research, it has been revealed that Kocaelispor fans trust Kocaelispor Club at a high level x̄ =3.750; 3.41≤x̄≤4.20. As a result of the correlation analysis, it was found that the level of trust in the club and the level of not fixing the match move in the same (positive) direction. It is seen that there is a positive, weak and moderately significant relationship between match-fixing and the sub-dimensions of trust in the club. Confidence in match-fixing and coach was positively moderate r=0.352; p<0.05, trust in club president was positively and moderately r=0.401; p<0.05; it is seen that there is a positive and weak r=.122; p<0.05 significant relationship in the dimension of trust in the athlete. As a result of the regression analysis, it was concluded that match-fixing significantly R= 0.364; R² =0 .132; p<0.05 predicted the dimensions of trust in the sports club. It has been determined that there is a positive relationship between trust and match-fixing, that is, while the perception that there is no match-fixing increases, the trust in the club also increases. As a result, it can be stated that the perception of trust of the fans towards the club president, coaches and athletes is high.



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TABUK, M. E., TUMSA, M., & IŞIK, B. (2022). The relationship of trust in the sports club and fixing; a research on kocaelispor club. Journal of ROL Sport Sciences, 3(2), 1–21.